Krishna's Flute

Krishna's Flute

Significance of the subtle sound- Antarnad
By Sri Shankaracharya
"When one's essential nature is contemplated upon for a moment or half a moment, then the (subtle) sound called Anahata is heard in the right ear."
Note: Anahata (literally 'unstruck') is the subtle sound produced by the vibrations of Prana or bio-energy within the body through the nerve channels and is recognised as sound by the brain, though there is no external source of vibration causing it. In his Yogataravali, Sri Shankaracharya mentions Pranayama or breath control with the three neuro-muscular "locks" of Hatha Yoga viz., Uddiyana, Jalandhara and Mula Bandha as the direct means of activating the Kundalini (the potential bio-energy in all beings), and manifesting this subtle inner sound.
"The excellent contemplation on the subtle sound is indeed the characteristic of the beginning of success (in Yogic contemplation), steadiness, repose, confidence and the purity of the source, of the mind."
Note: The manifestation of the subtle sound is the precursor of success in Yogic practice. Here, the 'source' indicates the accumulated mental impressions or Vasanas in the sub-conscious mind which continually cause thought waves in the mind. The sub-conscious mind is purged of all impurities by Yogic contemplation and only when the mind is so purified, does the subtle sound manifest within.
"The more the mind goes to the state of immovableness (or stillness) on account of abstaining from sense-objects, the more is the subtle sound of long duration like that of the flute, heard."
" Although there are various other means of absorption of the mind, this dissolution of thoughts on account of contemplation on the subtle sound for a long time is most excellent because of the experience of great bliss."
Note: Such psychic experiences as the hearing of subtle sounds, the inner vision of lights or form patterns and subtle tactile sensations of a vibratory nature in the spinal column and elsewhere, during deep meditative states, are established facts repeatedly confirmed by advanced Yogis.
There are many recognised methods of stilling the mind and getting established in Pure Awareness which is our essential nature. Sri Shankaracharya considers the absorption of the mind through contemplation on the subtle sounds within as superior to other methods since the mind easily gets attached to the pure, continuous and pleasing sounds heard within.
"The mind naturally alights on what is pleasant, and, in the course of the practice, subtler and subtler sounds are experienced until the mind is transcended and the yogi gets established in the Great Silence where only Pure Awareness shines."
Note: It should be remembered that the ultimate goal is to transcend even these subtle 'experiences' and be one with the source of all experiences, the pure undifferentiated Existence-Consciousness- Bliss absolute.
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Krishna’s Flute
O Lord, make me an instrument of Thy will!
We humans are the instruments of the Lord.
Human being is the flute.
The Lord fills the instrument with the breath of life,
and makes the inanimate instrument (made from the
five elements) come alive with huge range of possibilities.
Krishna the inner self of all
By Sri Shankaracharya
"At the time of (bestowing His) Grace, the Divine Lord does not consider thus: 'This one is foremost by birth, appearance, wealth and age; this one is the lowest; this one is praiseworthy and this one is not praiseworthy'."
"Therefore, Krishna, the inner Self of all is the enjoyer (or lover) of the sincerity (or devotion) existing within the devotee. Does a great cloud, when raining , consider whether it is a Khadira (a tree of little use) or a Champaka (a tree bearing fragrant flowers) that benefits thereby?"

Om Tat Sat

(My humble salutations to the lotus feet of H H Sri Sankaracharya  for the collection)


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