Meaning of Name of Sri Krushna

Meaning of the name Krishna
Krishna is one of the foremost names of the Supreme
god-head. It means 'One who is always in transports of joy'.
It is derived from krish which implies to be, and na meaning final Emancipation.
Explanations by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli
Yudhishthira said: Tell me, O grandsire, whether this Janardana (Krishna) is that illustrious and puissant Lord of whom Sanatkumar spoke unto Vritra in days of old.
Bhishma said: The Highest Deity, endued with the six attributes of (puissance, etc.) is at the Root. Staying there, the Supreme Soul, with His own energy, creates all these diverse existent things.
[Note: The commentator says that the object of this verse is to inculcate the Impersonality of God. God is at the Root of all things, i.e., according to the teachings of the Vedanta philosophy. He exists in His own unmodified nature, even as pure Chit. Both Vidya (knowledge) and Avidya (ignorance or illusion) exist in Him. In consequence of the latter he is Bhagavan, i.e., endued with the six grand attributes of puissance, etc.]
Know that this Keshava who knows no deterioration is from His eighth portion. Endued with the highest Intelligence, it is this Keshava who is eternal (compared with all other existent things), changes at the end of each Kalpa. He, however, who lies at the Root and who is endued with supreme might and puissance, lies in the waters when universal destruction comes (in the form of the potential Seed of all things). Keshava is that Creator of pure Soul who courses through all the eternal worlds.
[Note: In the form of all things, - causes and effect – which constitute them.]
Infinite and Eternal as He is, He fills all space (with emanations from Himself) and courses through the universe (in the form of everything that constitutes the universe). Freed as He is from limitations of every kind such as the possession of attributes would imply, he suffers himself to be invested with Avidya and awakened to Consciousness, Keshava of Supreme Soul creates all things. In Him rests this wondrous universe in its entirety.

Om Tat Sat

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